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For decades, Bestol has partnered with brands big and small, and distinguishing ourselves with our capable project management and engineering teams to help bring their innovative products to market.

We offer complete ideation, feasibility analysis, rapid prototyping, tooling and molding, and finishing services for both common and exotic foams and resins. Our flexible capabilities can support your custom development needs, whether you need to outsource your R&D to our experienced engineering team or integrate us into your global organization.  

Our Custom Product Development capabilities includes deep material knowledge in foams, resins and elastomers, a strong, extensive vendor network, and a robust engineering team with CNC, SLA and Additive (3D) manufacturing capabilities to accommodate for rapid product turnaround.While delivering conventional production techniques like Injection Molding, Urethane Casting, Hot and Cold Foam Pressing, increasingly customers and consumers are looking to the customization that additive (3D) manufacturing offers.

The benefits of industrial-grade (3D) manufacturing  are significant, and improving and include:  Rapid Prototyping, Ease of Product Customization, Lightweight Designs, Reduced Waste, Energy Economies, and more.

With these advanced manufacturing processes, we offer responsible manufacturing solutions that prioritize both production efficiency and sustainability for rapid prototyping, ease of product customization, lightweight designs, reduced waste, energy economies, and more.

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Our Services & Products

Product Development Services
Design And Innovation
Quality Testing
Private Labelling
Performance Materials
Environmentally Friendly Materials
Cast Urethane
Compression Molding
3D Printing
Injection Molding
Custom Cutting, Sewing and Knitting
Foot Care Devices and Podiatry
Gel Insoles
Natural Insoles
Smart Insoles
Sports Insoles
Medical Insoles & Orthotics
Orthotic Sandals
Natural Sandals
Yoga and Accessories
Compression Wear
Safety Gloves

Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services does Bestol offer?
We offers a wide range of services including design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing for various products such as custom insoles, sandals, orthotic products, medical devices and consumer products.
Can Bestol provide design or engineering support for my concept or design?
Yes, we can create custom designs for orthotic products. You can provide your own designs or work with Bestol's design team to create a custom design that meets their specific needs. Bestol's design team will work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.
Does Bestol support private label manufacturing?
Yes, we have an extensive range of open tools available for private label product manufacturing. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and study the leading brands in their respective markets, allowing them to offer high-quality private label solutions that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.
How does Bestol ensure the protection of my intellectual property (IP) and prevent IP theft?
Bestol takes the protection of our clients' IP very seriously. We understand that our clients' investments in product development and innovation are valuable assets. That is why we are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect your confidential information. Our team also adheres to strict ethical standards to ensure that your IP is not compromised. Additionally, we have established procedures to safeguard our clients' IP and to prevent any unauthorized use or disclosure. You can trust us to respect and protect your IP throughout our partnership.
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